hello again

I just put Tova shirts (sizes 4, 6, and 8) in the Wiksten shop in two different fabrics: black/white gingham and gray windowpane check. Now I've finally used up all of my Tova fabric! What an accomplishment.

Both traveling and working on my holiday collection have taken up so much of my time lately that there's been none left for blogging or flickr, but that won't last for long. I guess I've been too busy enjoying my life to even write about it, which is a pretty good thing. But I can never stay away from here for too long. I have a photo shoot for the new collection on Friday, and the holiday sale will start next week. So I'll have lots to post about here very soon.


Melissa said...

Yay! I'm so happy that you're "back." It seems there is a void in my day when I've nothing new to read or to look at on your site. ;-)

That's wonderful that you've been enjoying your life. I agree with you--on your comment on flickr--that these last three months of the year are the best! There's something so very cosy and nostalgic about them.

I hope your photo shoot goes well on Friday. I cannot wait to see your new collection! :-)

copperseal said...

congrats on completing Tova :) quite an accomplishment, i'd say.

i look forward to your posts :)

here's to enjoying life!

kate said...

welcome back jenny! i hope you enjoyed your travels.
fyi-i've tagged you on my blog, no pressure though. ;)

Anonymous said...

it's good to read you again! i can't wait to see your new collection!

Jennifer said...

can't wait for the new collection. sounds like you are happy...and not stressed out from all your traveling and activity- which is a good thing!
...like your clogs :)

belle said...

Glad you're back Jenny! I was just wearing my Tova top yesterday (love it!) and it made me think about the upcoming holiday collection. Can't wait to see it!

Nicole said...

welcome back and LOVE the shoes!

Flashy said...

Hi Jenny. If you ever have some time, could you sneak in a sewing tip Friday? I know it's probably a giant pain in the you know what, but they are so good. You have amazing talent. Ya know? Or I could Just drive out to Kansas for a sewing lesson, Right?

erica said...

i was just thinking of wearing my tova shirt today since the weather looks nice.

i'm glad you've been having a good autumn so far. i've been a bit remiss in blogging and flickr, too, but working too much is not a very fun excuse.

so very excited to see your holiday collection! i hope all the interviews and location scouting has been going well.

Soon, Then said...

I can relate! Living life and enjoying it is the best reason to take a blogging break. Congrats on using all your fabric! That must feel good.

Leanne said...

Glad you're back! I missed the Tova shirts - again! I have my fingers crossed that I will finally be able to purchase something from your holiday collection. Can't wait to see it!

Jen Sc said...

YAYS! I can't wait to see the holiday collection!
Also, I received my Tova top and I LOVES it!
I am going to post picture of me wearing it on my Blog soon! =)
Thanks again, Jenny!
Beautiful stuff =)