here are some other prints i can't stop thinking about

Steven Alan

Built By Wendy

Sunshine and Shadow


Steven Alan

Sunshine and Shadow


Rachel said...

Ohhh i love the first dress!! And the last one.
Very nice

PURPLE DAB said...

not bad!!♦♣☻♥


sushipie said...

i love them all. i am a print whore. ♥



c. said...

the paige top is beautiful !

Kelly said...

I love the Mociun dress. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Well, hopefully your love of these prints will motivate you and excite you to move here! We just had a HUGE Steven Alan sample sale a few weeks ago. And there's been the Saved Fashion month long sample sale with some amazing designers... And there's some incredible fabric houses here... so you can put some of these delicious prints into your collection??? xo! Welcome (back) to NYC!

erica said...

those sunshine and shadow prints are really wonderful. i wish i had been able to go to the SA sample sale. i also want that mociun tie-front dress. i've decided that the tulip skirt just isn't my thing.

Melanie said...

get thee to save fashion!! it's the last day, and sunshine and shadow (and both those tanks) are on sale! hopefully they'll still have them in stock - i went last friday.

Modern Crush said...

The are all so pretty! I especially love the last one<3

kristena marie said...

Love them! You have such great taste. :)

Elyse said...

Oooh, I am really into the Steven Alan dresses and the Built by Wendy dress!! Built by Wendy has such a lovely line right now...if only I had a job. ;)

Jennifer said...

This is getting spooky!
Jenny: every single one of these garments I've looked at/admired/ considered purchasing for myself at some point previous to this post.
Aren't all the prints amazing???

Thank -you SO much for your praise.
I feel like I'm just at the beginning of learning about sewing/ textile design.
You and your work are a constant inspiration to me!

...Congrats on selling the house. Someone is very lucky out there!

I hate moving and I can completely understand the desire to procrastinate!


Jennifer said...

And have a safe move to NYC!!!

andrea said...

Awesome picks; very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

oh man, these are fantastic. I'm loving the steven alan, built by wendy and the sunshine and shadow stuff!

ambika said...

Oh, I adore the last one. & the sweeping birds (I thought they were planes at first) is just wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely can NOT get ENOUGH of Steven Alan right now.