black jeans research

First of all let me just say that you guys are awesome! I got some great tips on what black jeans to check out, so thank you. I went jeans shopping in Soho today, which is not exactly my favorite thing to do since it's always so hectic and crowded, but I did have fun trying stuff on. And what's a Wiksten shopping trip without documenting the whole darn thing?

Left: my own outfit- cardigan from Anthropologie, Generra dress, and Dolce Vita sandals.

Right: Uniqlo jeans. I love the way the legs look, and they scrunch up just perfectly at the bottom, but Cristalle, you're right! The 3D ones have WAY too low of a waist, which did not make me happy. I couldn't find any other black jeans there, which sucked because I had high hopes for Uniqlo. (You know, 'cause they're cheap!)

Left: Zara cobalt blue tunic. I love this color! Such a pretty top, but I didn't buy it. I was on a mission, you know.

Right: Zara jeans. These were basically like leggings, so I wouldn't be able to wear them with short tops. I'm not that confident about my bum!

Left: Club Monaco tank and double-pleated black trousers. I just wanted to try the whole slouchy pleated pants thing. I've gotta say--not good on me. I love them on other people, but I don't need to accentuate my wide hips! Extra fabric around that region just doesn't work for me.

Right: Madewell ex-boyfriend jeans. Again with the hips. But it's too bad because these were so comfy.

Left: Topshop jeans. I honestly HATE going into Topshop. Too. Many. People. It's all just...too much. But you guys were right! The black jeans were good. Although they were SO stretchy that I was afraid they would fall down all the time and show some butt crack. And I am a lady. Not Russell Brand. (Ha, one anonymous commenter joked about a Russel Brand-type situation going on with skinny jeans, which really made me laugh.)

Right: Acne Hex jeans in Cash. I really liked these. They were stiff and too long, but the adorable shop girl at the Acne store said they would break in and get really soft. And obviously they could always be hemmed. But they're so freaking expensive. Totokaelo has them on sale big time but not in my size, darn it.

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. Madewell '37's. I took the photos in the Topshop dressing room after buying them because I realized I forgot to photograph them. These are sooooo comfortable. The rail-straight ones were awesome too, but these were cheaper! $60. Good deal. But the best part is that they don't make my butt look half bad. Because we all know that's the number one criteria for a pair of jeans. I love Madewell. I purchased my favorite cardigan there two years ago, and it's the one I wear the most (like every day in the winter). I will definitely go back for more jeans in the future.

I got some suggestions for J.Crew and Built by Wendy jeans, both of which I love. I couldn't find any black pairs on either website, so I didn't go to those stores. Also, I was going to go to Barney's to check out the J. Brand's and to Urban for the Cheap Monday's, but I got tired and lazy after I found some good cheap ones. So instead I ran into Dean and Deluca for some caffeine. Phew. It was a lot of shopping for one afternoon.


Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

this is so thorough! all of a sudden i want black jeans, too.

*gemmifer* said...

Glad to know that the '37's were the best choice! I have a soft spot for Madewell but most of the time their clothes are a bit out of my budget if they're not on sale. I think you deserve an endurance medal for trying on so many pairs in so many stores in one day! Maybe the jeans can be your medal?

kate said...

whoa. that IS alot of shopping for one afternoon. good on ya!
and nice choice with the jeans. i wish we had madewell here. or j.crew. or uniqlo.
now i feel like i need new jeans too.

~ali said...

i usually just go for uniqlo jeans as they seem to fit me pretty well but the rise *is* a bit low...you and i have similar body types so i'm going to try the madewell 37's [i've never tried their jeans]! thanks for the tip!

mindy said...

congrats on finding the perfect pair! judging from the picture, it looks like you made an excellent choice. coincidently, i actually just posted about madelwell on my blog, as well...i've always loved the clothes on their site, but they have yet to open a location here in fl. here's hoping!

emilia said...

YAY they look soooo cool!

I wish we had Dean and Deluca in London!

erica said...

that's too bad about the slouchy boyfriend jeans. at least from the photo, you look really good. i'm a bit nervous about them over accentuating my hips, too.

so happy to hear that the madewells worked out for you! i've yet to go to the shop on newbury, but i'm in the market for another pair of jeans.

emilia said...

p.s. I love the caridigan you wear in the first picure.

stephanie renee said...

so cute and helpful, thanks for sharing!

Amy Awesome said...

For what it's worth, I think your hips are perfectly proportioned and I loved those boyfriend jeans on you. You're so adorable and stylish, I love it!

pigeon.toed said...

those look great on you! and i really like your dolce vita sandals.

Anonymous said...

Glad Madewell worked! I wear my black rail straights almost every day and I love them, bought them in dark navy as well. If I could buy them in every color I would. I can sympathize with you on the wide hip thing and Madewell's are the only ones that seem to fit.

lauren haupt said...

wow, what a day!
but thank goodness you found something.
I' haven't yet been able to brave going into TopShop. I fear the crowds!

Jennifer said...

I would've been worn out after two stores!
I love that you documented this!

Jean shopping is traumatic for me.
I have wide hips, hate my thighs.You brave girl.

Glad that Madewell won!
They didn't have the 37's in yet when I bought my Skinny Lows (and also a pair in the Rail Straights- 1 size up, and a few inches longer than I'd normally wear for the whole 'Boyfriend' effect...they may not make my butt look the best, but I really like them).
I usually wear J. Crew's Matchsticks- but I wanted to try something a little different this time.
May have to get the 37's in black now!
Waiting to see your haircut :)

jenny gordy said...

i ALWAYS wear j.crew matchsticks, jennifer! that's my only pair of blue jeans! i love them. they just fit me better than anything else.

b.a. said...

not sure if j.crew's black toothpick jean is online yet. we have them in our store & they're in the august catalog that will be out soon. but, now that i think of it--the ones we have are "ankle" length. wouldn't meet the "slouchy leg openings" criteria.
anyway, glad you got madewells. so jealous that you get to shop there!

b.a. said...

by the way, are these pictures pre- or post-haircut?

jenny gordy said...

thanks, b.a.! i will have to go try those on. i love j.crew jeans, and i wouldn't mind seeing what the ankle length is like. these pictures are pre-haircut.

Laney Loo said...

I love madewell as well. :) I've been wearing their vee neck shirts until they get holes in them.

miss sophie said...

your shopping travelogues are too cute. i might have to check out some madewells myself - i've always passed by the shop on broadway and never tried anything on. they look great on you!