samma necklace

photo taken by Elly

I went to Jumelle and tried on the Samma necklace I've been obsessing over, and here's a photo. I LOVE it. Jumelle carries other awesome Samma pieces too, but this is my very favorite. Carla, the manager there, is so nice. Jumelle stocks jewelry that is mostly from local designers, and she let me try on a bunch of stuff and gave me all the details. All of their jewelry is amazing. They also carry Aesa (local) and Polder (French), two of my favorites. I didn't buy anything because I need to pay the rent more than I need to bejewel myself, but that necklace will be mine some day.

In other news, Anabela wrote a really thought-provoking blog post yesterday in response to my post about Bodkin. Check it out!

Also, I made myself a new top yesterday. I'm feeling way too lazy to photograph it on myself today (I really hate having to do that), but I'll show it to you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

let's see the top!

alyson. said...

wow, what a great post! I couldn't agree more with Anabela.

I love the top you're wearing in this pic! I've been looking for something that color. it's so pretty. and yes, let's see the new Wiksten!

jessica C said...

i know its not as fun as supporting artists whose work you admire...but it would be easy to duplicate that necklace yourself... :)

jenny gordy said...

yeah, i know.

anabela / fieldguided said...

That necklace is beautiful. I hope you will treasure it always.

Thank you so much for the link; I keep thinking about how one day I will have one of your dresses and how it will be the highlight of my mostly sad, sad closet.

rachel said...

I love this necklace, too! I really want one now..