plaid market top shop update tomorrow

Since I got such a great response from the plaid Market Top, I made a few more for my shop.  I'll be posting them tomorrow (Friday, September 11) at noon, Eastern time.  I have two size 2's and two size 4's.  This shirt makes a nice layering piece for fall, to add a little pop of color and pattern to an outfit.


alice @quaintliving said...

It's really lovely in the plaid :)

Jennifer said...

I figured you must be swamped with sewing!
I love this shirt, but dang it, probably going to miss your shop update again -at work, running around.
They sure are lovely, though.
I've been cursing my sewing abilities lately (or lack thereof) and was thinking about you, actually. Wish we lived closer, so I could show you what I'm doing (wrong).

kristena marie said...

Great print! I love these tops, and I want you to know that you're a real source of entrepreneurial & design inspiration for me. One of these days I'll open a shop of my own! One of these days...

jeana sohn said...

the dress, the top! ahhh. i want them all.

Megan said...

Hi, Jenny! Not to jump the gun, but will you be restocking the grey chambray version of the Market Top in the near future? It is SO adorable!

jenny gordy said...

Hi Megan,

No, I'm sorry, I'm moving on to my fall collection now! Who knows, maybe next spring?

qooza said...

Woohoo! I finally managed to get one. Sure, I had to set my alarm for 3am in the morning, but - SUCCESS!

Really looking forward to your Fall update - can't wait! Your pieces are beautiful.

VM - IR said...

Hi Jenny,
I do love your work, you're very gifted.
I like the boots very much as well, where do they come from ?



jenny gordy said...

Hi Ode,

Thanks! I got the boots from the Boden website several years ago.

: )

Hello Lindello said...

OOooh love this top! Maybe one day I'll get lucky enough to snag one.

cara. said...

i love your stuff. but can't justify spending hardly anything right now while my partner is in med school and we have a newborn (you may understand the former)

however, at a recent trip to the thrift store, i bought a man's button up long sleeve and couldn't stop thinking of the style of your collections.

i'm slowly butchering this shirt, being the inexperienced seamstress that i am. but i thought it would be fun to present a "challenge" to you...to turn a man's button up to a nice shirt for yourself. (and maybe take some photos along the way)