how cool is this necklace?

I will answer that.  Very.  This necklace is from Etsy seller Wonder Wonder.  One of my favorite things about it is the designer's description: "It's warmer than a metal necklace too!"  So cute.


Casey said...

that is cute! and perfect for the fall.

Nidhi said...

I love wonder wonder! hikaru is so talented...and adorable :)

sara said...

oh thats so sweet!
gosh, it will never cease to amaze me how creative people are.

Anna said...

that is such a BRILLIANT idea! thanks for the great find, i must check it out & add to my list of "christmas wishes"
: )

ilovesasek said...

super cute! I love all the chunky knit jewelry that people are creating these days. Another great etsy seller is deedoubleyou. If you have a second check her out. She does a lot of lovely braiding work with necklaces and hairbands!

Thanks for the zeha-berlin post. My new obsession!

Hikaru said...


Thank you so much for featuring Wonder Wonder on your such a charming blog! I love your eyes and how you catch things as much as your clothing design :)

Best wishes, Hikaru ww

jenny gordy said...

Thanks for the comment, Hikaru! I love your shop and designs.