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Joe's at a holiday party right now, and I'm supposed to be packing for Mexico, but here I am procrastinating.  Story of my life.  I couldn't help but think about the fact that I promised to post photos and instructions for making some holiday ornaments.   I wanted to do a tutorial, but instead I'll have to share some of my resources.

I bought all the fabric and embroidery thread for my ornaments at Purl Patchwork.  I found the cross-stitch motifs in this book, which I also bought at Purl.  You could just as easily search your local library for vintage cross-stitch/embroidery books for ideas.

I never got around to making any felt ball ornaments, but if you have time I really recommend this video tutorial.  Amazing.  Makes perfectly shaped round balls every time.  I bought a lot of my wool roving at Purl (if you must know I'm kind of obsessed with that store), and it's such great stuff.  If you want to try a bigger project (like this incredible wreath Karen e-mailed me a link to), you can buy felt balls here.

Okay, now go get to work!  I want to see some handmade ornaments.  If I wasn't going to Mexico, I would spend my entire next week doing nothing but making Christmas ornaments.  It's almost my favorite thing in the world.  That's pretty much the only reason I ever went to Sunday School, so that I could make angels out of macaroni and paint them silver.  : )


Tasha T said...

Mexico! I don't think anything could distract me from packing for Mexico...but these ornaments and tutorials are pretty tempting.

well-crafted said...

These are so cute! I hope I will have some extra time in the next few days to make some as gifts. And speaking of beautiful things made out of felt balls, check out this wonderful stuff.

the little owl said...

I found your blog through the Flickr group for Alicia Paulson's "Walk In The Woods" ornaments. I'm just posting my own work on them. I really like your blog and will certainly find my way back here to check in on your lovely creations.

Also, I noticed that you went to KU... are you from Kansas? I ask because I am from Kansas and now live in NYC, too... just curious...


Low sky said...

hey hello~ your blog is amazing actually I have a hobby knitting.
usually I made some costers hehe.
I get lots of inspiration from ur site now
if you need some japanese book,I think I can find a way to buy it cheaper than america . cause I am in korea now ^^
well, I usually live in the Netherlands. so if you need something from europe that is fine to ask to me. :)

happy new year~!!

kaycee lee said...

Thank you for the necklace Jenny!!! I love it :)

K8 said...

lovely ornaments, have fun in Mexico!

Fashion X K8.blogspot

Carolyn said...

Hi! I've just discovered your blog and I really love it! You have a great style and look beautiful in all your clothes, why do you not be your own model? you are certainly very attractive and the outfits you design look just right on you,and so comfortable, pretty and practical too.
I'm looking forward to seeing your next creations...

Joanna M. said...

Love the ornaments and the picture of your cat...! excellent!