Sian Keegan's handmade animals.  Wanted to buy one of these awesome raccoons for Tova's Christmas present, but they weren't recommended for children because of the hand-stitching.

Shabd was kind enough to share her clothes rack with me.  This picture was taken when most of my pieces had already sold.

Me and Charlotte, photo taken by Joe.  I was lucky enough to get to meet Charlotte, one of my blog readers/customers, for the first time.  I also met some other sweet customers too, but this was the only photo I got.

A photo of my basket of scarves and necklaces, taken towards the end of the day when my stuff had become a mess!  I didn't take photos of it right when I set everything up because I was too distracted.

Well, Lena's sale went wonderfully.  There were a TON of people there!  It was great to hang out with all the designers, and I was very pleased that so many of my friends came by to support me.  (There are more photos here.)  I sold out of almost everything.  Speaking of which, I'm going to push my online shop update back so I can make a few more things.  It will be on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.  Wednesday, December 16 at 5 PM Eastern.  I hope to get another scarf done, another top, and maybe some Christmas ornaments as well before that time.  I'll post more photos and info tomorrow and Wednesday.

I myself took home a load of goodies: Lena's calendar and prints, a stack of Mociun t-shirts, and an Aesa necklace.


jones said...

congratulations to you and your lucky nyc customers!

Hello Lindello said...

OOh I wish I could have gone. So many wonderful things and people!

amelia said...

I totally wimped out on saying hi to you.. I was like "I can't believe I'm in a room with Jenny Gordy and Lena Corwin! Eeep!" Anyway, it was exciting, and a great sale!

sian said...

thanks for posting a photo of my animals! it was nice seeing you at the sale!
just to clarify for your readers, the animals are totally safe for kids to play with, but they are meant to be used more as decoration. the hand-stitched areas do make them a little more delicate than typical stuffed toys.

Anonymous said...

Those animals are ADORABLE! I went straight to etsy and marked the store as a favorite. I really love the whale : P

I wish I was there to have seen the sale!

stefanie said...

i've always admired your work online, but it's even more beautiful in person!

ilovesasek said...

Congratulations! Your stuff looks beautiful... so nice to give us a chance to buy your lovely things too!

Charlotte said...

It was lovely to meet you! I was really nervous when i stopped and said hi to you + Joe :p

Simply adore you, your beautiful works and inspirational blog! Thank you for making my trip to NYC extra special this year.

p.s. i think Joe did good on our picture :) thanks!