marais usa chelsea boot

People have been asking about my beloved brown ankle boots, so here's the info: I got them on sale here.  They're very comfortable, and they're what I reach for first when I'm going to be walking around the city.  I had to order a size up since they run small.  The Marais USA website recommends going up a half size, but since they didn't have a 9 1/2 I got a 10.  Have you seen the Marais USA blog?  I love it.  Getting to see the shoes on real customers is the best.


sonya audrey said...

I just checked out their site. Their new spring shoe collection is gorgeous! + the white two-tone ballet flats. love. Plus, they are really affordable! Thanks for the share. :)

Kristien said...

Jenny, I really appreciate you providing all of the "where to buy" tips in your past few posts! I loved your Lucky one dress four ways post--I always save the dresses I like best for special occasions, but then wear them so infrequently. It was fun to see you styling that dress in different ways, and what an awesome print! I was also excited to check out the Anthropologie cardigan you are wearing in one of the pictures in the post--it comes in black as well and I've been looking for that "perfect black cardigan" for a while now.

I hope that your shop update went well tonight! I can't wait for the next update with dresses and tops--I've been super disciplined about buying things lately because I am crossing my fingers for a Wiksten dress.

Oh, and if the Laredeo laceups continue to pinch, I came across a vintage store today that had a huge selection of that style of boot. I don't know if they were all Laredos, but they looked really similar to your new boots, with the fringe and everything. The store was called "Metropolis," and it is on 3rd Ave. between St. Mark's and 9th St. The boots were a little pricey for used shoes, but they had all kinds of colors and they were in good condition. Oh, and the sales people told me I couldn't enter the store unless I danced to the music they had playing, which was a bright spot in an otherwise nuts day of classes and paper writing.

All best (and apologies in advance for writing a novel in your comments section)!!!

sheryl said...

I have these boots, too ... I love them! I almost passed them up because they're faux leather, but that turned out to be a plus. Knowing me, if they were real leather, I'd be afraid to wear them when there was any trace of rain or snow. It's nice to have some boots I can wear out everyday without worrying about them getting wrecked.

plaisirs simples said...

these are great!!! thanks for sharing the site too!