sewing class

My March sewing class came to an end this week, so I thought I'd share some photos.  I had such a great time teaching this group of talented and adorable ladies.  I'm so darn proud of them.  Check out the matching plaids on Rachael's seams!  Woohoo!  Can't wait to teach another Tova top/dress class in May.  (P.S. Lena took some of these photos.)

Edit:  Whitney of Darling Dexter (a blog I've always been a fan of) took my class and posted a photo of her finished top here.


rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

these girls did a marvelous job!!

i am in love with my sewing class...it's small and quaint with only a few students at a local seamstress' house.

keep it up!

Law of Attraction said...

I want to fly out just to take your class.

katie f said...

you have talented students! thats so cool!

ricker said...

Jenny! I didn't even notice that the plaids match up on the arms (at least on one sleeve) until I saw this photo. I wasn't even trying! yay. Thanks for being such a patient teacher- I learned so much!

ellybeth said...

my word, these are beautiful! i've always been intrigued by this top too, because i'd have no idea how to assemble it! ugh jenny, i want to take your classes!

it was so nice of the ladies to let you photograph their tops too. they should be really proud of their hard work!

from lara said...

so adorable! i love them! they did a great job!

Robyn said...

Oh I'm so jealous! I wish I lived up there so I could take your class!


Sarah said...

Jenny so in love...for those of us out there that can't fly to your class, would you be willing to post your pattern up? So in love with it!