My accessories research for the photo shoot included inspiration from Hanneli, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, and a Refinery29 feature on Francesca DiMiattio.  I already knew that I wanted to use white oxford flats and high-waisted pleated shorts (which I did end up using for this look), and I thought I might want to use a silk scarf as well to tie the model's hair up with.  I didn't end up using the scarf idea, but the handmade cotton scarves I bought at Catbird have come in handy since.  They make nice spring accessories as well as pretty Mother's Day gifts, tied around a bar of mango butter soap from Saipua.

I also ended up getting some peep toe clog heels from the No. 6 Store that I love (used in this look for the shoot).  I found cropped linen/cotton pants (so comfortable) at Madewell and silk shorts at Topshop.  The white oxfords are Steven, and I ordered them online.  I got them in my regular size, but they run small so they are too tight on me.  Darn, I really like them.  I can't send them back since the bottoms got a little scratched at the shoot (I know, I should have taped them), but otherwise they look brand new.  They fit Glenn, who is a size 8 1/2, perfectly.  I think they would fit size 8 too.  I'm selling them here if anyone's interested.  I had such a hard time tracking these down in the first place, and now they're sold out everywhere in that size. SOLD!

Oh!  And all the jewelry I used for the shoot was from Kate Miss of For Me, For You.


belle said...

I've been low on spring inspiration lately, and this whole post is exactly what I needed. Love your style!

erica said...

those peep toe clogs...ooh i want a pair, too!

i think you look ridiculously cute with that scarf tied in your hair.

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

i did a little feature of your new lookbook on my blog!

Carly said...

Yeah - I kind of cringe when I think of clogs... because I just remember wearing them about ten years ago with some of the most hideous getups. But I am starting to see them in a new light. I love these peep toe ones.

jessica | destined to design said...

What a wonderful collage of accessories. Can't get over how cute that outfit is on the beach with the silver oxfords. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is completely inspiring. J. Crew has a French boatneck striped shirt that I'm jonesing after ... unless you have any good recommendations?

Those trousers fit you perfectly ... and you're gazing so forlornly at your Stevens in the other photo.... so sad to hear the bad news. Alas, I'm a 9 1/2, or I'd take them off your hands.



Anonymous said...

i love your new tops!
i went to school with francesca.. she had the exact same look 10 years ago!