My soon-to-be studio mate and I went for lunch at Five Leaves on Tuesday, and the weather was hot hot hot.  We sat on the terrace in the shade, but I still needed a refreshing Limonata to cool me down.  

Jennifer was wearing the most beautiful shade of lipstick, Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square.  Truly stunning.  Can't wait to buy my own.  

She wears pieces from her own Odette collection, which are quite striking as well.  I've always thought her work was beautiful just from seeing photos online, but I have to say that in person it's even better.  I don't have much fine jewelry in my collection yet, and I'm itching to buy one of her pieces.  Picking just one thing is pretty tough though.  Her Etsy shop has a few things that aren't on her website, such as the fox claw bracelet that I adore.  

Clothespin is having an online sample sale of Odette jewelry for a very limited time here.  These prices are amazing.  It's so hard to find sales on really nice jewelry.


Anonymous said...

I am sure it must be so exhiting to start this new adventure with also a creative partner.

Anna Allen said...

she is so pretty! i also adore her lip color (it's going on my wishlist). and that jewelry is just gorgeous!

Steve said...

Gorgeous picture!!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

how cool you will be sharing - love odette from ny's work {and blog too}.

speaking of v.cool blogs, so glad to find yours via Melissa Loves.

Melis has neon sharp taste in lovely things, can see why she led me here!