bird dog

I love these paintings and drawings by Robert Clarke!  They're so fun and full of life, much like Robert himself, who visited Shannon in our studio awhile back.  He draws birds and paints commissioned portraits of people's dogs, and the way he captures the personality of the subject makes them really special.  Makes me want a dog.  And a whole wall full of these paintings, just like Richie Tenenbaum's wall of Margo paintings.  Robert sells his pieces here, here, and here, and his blog is here.


Hannah said...

These are brilliant - such a good find. I love them.

dotblogg said...

I love the pictures of dogs:D they are so funny! I think the painter should know the personality of the dog/cat/bird/mouse/rat he's painting/drawing. It's very important and helpful:)
Your rings look great!especially worn together-nice looking fashion fusion:)

Anonymous said...

Wow these are soooooo brilliant! x

jennifer said...

love robert's work! that pug! want him.