dobbin mews party pics

nicolette camille and fay andrada space

nicolette camille and fay andrada space

wiksten space

wiksten socks

party people

fay's goods

party people

Phew.  What a night, folks.  It was a lovely soiree to be sure and a little magical.  Wish you all could have been there.  There were fairy lights and fairy flowers aplenty, and I think we all drank our weight in Rosé.  These photos capture the quiet, still moments before the party was in full swing.  See the rest of the party here and check out Sarkilahti's gorgeous (as usual) photos here.


Jennifer said...

"Magical"- judging from these photographs- completely the right word for the evening.

I'm coming to NYC at the end of Feb./ beginning of March for Tomory's next show at CRG. Would love to visit you & your studio!


Sarah said...

you guys have the cutest studio spaces ever. I had a great time stopping by and seeing everyone's work!

Kristin said...

what lovely pictures. :)


jennifer said...

Look like the event was a success! The fairy lights and the flower headpieces are gorgeous. I wish I could have been there.

Oh, and I like your new blog header!

Tanya said...

Beautiful. Just wondering where that fabulous necklace that you are wearing is from. Oh and PLEASE the pattern for that top!

sunkentreasure said...

looks magical indeed!! beautiful pictures!

zit... said...

it looks wonderful. so cool and interesting.
I neee do to go NY asap!!!


jennifer said...

Oh, nicolette's hair is SO gorgeous. What a great night.

Petra said...

Gorgeous photos, I especially like the triangle earrings.