a long but satisfying workday

homemade veggie soup


tova top pattern


Yesterday was long.  Long but good I suppose.  On Friday everyone at the office was planning to dress up for Halloween, but we all forgot except for Lissa, my intern.  Poor girl.  She was an adorable sailor though.  She stuck it out all day in her costume, such a good sport.  I admire that.  To make it up to her I dressed up as a pirate yesterday and wore my costume even in public.  I would have had a lot more fun if I had had a sword, but hey, what are you gonna do when it's a last minute costume?  (I had the eye patch from a few years ago when Seymour tried to scratch my eye out and I had to go to the emergency room.  He didn't really do it on purpose.)

Other highlights from the day include:  

Leftovers of this veggie soup, recommended by Lena.

Tea time and cookies in the afternoon, as per our studio ritual.

Sarkilahti trying to make Lissa wear a scrunchy and settling for
me tying fabric in her hair.

Going home around 9:30 and lying down with a hot water bottle
under my tired back while watching the end of Gossip Girl.


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Oh that's so awesome of you to dress up yesterday. I love when one person remembers. It really shows their dedication to the theme. Argh.

Paul & Paula said...

I am soooooooooooooo hungry and this soup makes me jumping into the screen.... looks so miam miam...

nikaela marie said...

i like the pirate and the hair tie and the sailor. happy november! xo

nikaela marie said...

I like the red hair and the pirate costume. this is a good post! xx oo
{ps. happy november}

NICOMADE said...

let's face it - it's a good show :)

k said...

sounds like a good day - and i love that you dressed up as a pirate. i was wondering if that was a scrunchie or not.

whitney reeder said...

that soup looks so good.
and that braid with the fabric tie really makes me miss my long hair! it's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to making this soup. it's been crummy weather lately in seattle!

Alison said...

something about your expression in that photo cracks me up! a little bit like "yeah i'm a pirate, you gonna make something of it?" just adorable!

MissAlyssa said...

that soup looks delish and i love your pirate costume! :)

thea said...

that soup looks soooo yummy!



Delia Moretti said...

Wow dear ;)
this is my blog ;)

Carolina Bernardo said...

Love the stickers, the pattern looks so familiar to me ***

jjulie79 said...

this soup was wonderful
i hope)) or I wrong?

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LAURA!!! said...

oo the soup, the hair, the eye patch. love it all

Sarah said...

i ADORE that little fabric scrap tie!
SUCH inspiration....
thank you!!

(and SO much more chic than a scrunchy!)

the teacup chronicles said...

um favorite GG quote from last night?
Blair to Dan: "What do you say we find that bitch and get ourselves a little frontier justice?" I was like, yeehaw!

Anonymous said...

For some reason I loose every single scrunchy that comes across my hands... I use pencils, random piece of leather etc.. but fabric?? Genius!