we're getting ready for the holidays

lissa drawing holiday shop banner

lissa drawing holiday shop banner

lissa researching pine cones

At my office we've taken to listening to Christmas music, Bing Crosby and Sufjan Stevens being the favorites.  Some of us are even dressing Christmas-y.  I'm talking about you, Lissa.  (Lissa is my intern, in case you didn't know.)  Lissa made her own red plaid flannel Tova dress and wore it to work the other day with tights, lace up boots, and Heidi braids.  I was instantly jealous of her coziness.  She spent the time researching pine cones, and we all got quite an education that day.  She then drew our Dobbin Mews Holiday Shop banner.  Well, she drew many, and then we all voted.  Some of them had pine cones.  They were adorable.


Anonymous said...

what a pretty dress!

Tracey said...

Beautiful dress! ... I'm so very jealous of those Heidi braids! ;)

Megan said...

Love that tree book! And her dress, and hair, and the new banner! So lovely.

MAUD said...

oh this is so, so lovely! that dress, the braids, the pine prints - this is too perfect!

xxx MAUD

Anonymous said...

Adorable blog! I'm in love with all your posts (and those cute Heidi braids, I must try it)!

Camila F.

kristina - no penny for them said...

so lovely! also love that look of concentration on her face when drawing - lost in what she's doing.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

When will y'all's beautiful holiday shop be open? today? :)

chelsea jade said...

your studio looks utterly cosy indeed.

my friends and i made a christmas album that is free to download (http://www.littlemonsterstudio.co.nz/avlc.html).

i am almost certain you will adore it!

would love to hear what you think!

chelsea jade.

Karen said...

WHat is that tree book?Do you know the name?

Anonymous said...

I love love love these pictures !