mociun sale

fall 2010 mociun sale

fall 2010 mociun sale

Fall 2010 is 50% off at Mociun!  I have four things from the collection, and they've been well worn and loved over the fall and winter months.

Top row: Waterline dress in pink squares print.  I'm not a big pink person, but this pale color was just too lovely to pass up.

Middle Row: Fractures blouse in mountain print.  It's sold out in that print, but the black and white squares print is my second favorite.  The sheer chiffon is pretty gorgeous over a tank top or dress.  To the right, the Waterline dress in mountain print.  The colors are amazing.  I don't own it, but that's a picture of me trying it on.

Bottom Row:  one of my favorite t-shirts, the Systematic Mountain tee in cream.  To the right, the Topography dress in black and white.  I tried it on, and I want it so bad!

Last but not least, I have the Ledge leggings (not pictured).  It's too cold to wear them right now, but I wore them a ton in the fall and will in the spring too.


erica said...

the pink squares print is really beautiful. it's hard to see these details on the mociun site, so it's really helpful to see photos here. i'm torn between the waterline dress and the topography dress!

Kimia Kline said...

oh happy sale :)

Anabel Fournier said...

Lovely heather scarf. Love the chunky feel.

thea said...

ooh i like it!!!!



jennifer said...

My scarf! Love. And I wear my fractures blouse all the time.