happy valentine's day to me

satomi kawakita ring

photos from satomikawakita.com

Pretty please, Joe?  Ha ha, yeah right.  I've been in love with this Satomi Kawakita ring ever since I saw it on the Jumelle website a year ago.  Every now and then I go to Satomi's website just to look at her incredible pieces and drool.  I literally love everything she makes--the delicate beauty of her work is incomparable.  Sarkilahti bought one of Satomi's rings from the designer herself at the recent New York Gift Fair.  She's coming soon for a studio visit, and I so hope I'll get to meet her.


Heather said...

Satomi make my wedding rings and I love them more than a girl should love such things. She is such a peach. I would love to meet her!!! I hope to see a photo of you two together.


Alice said...

gahhhh so pretty! I've had Satomi's website bookmarked and go there every so often to gawk at the rings.
Clouds and Candy

Kirsten said...

Agree 100%, I am in love with the simple baubles too. Maybe if I am a lucky gal, John will get one for me :)

liamofyork said...

really pretty!

jennifer said...

Love Satomi's work!

Mode in Italy said...

ring so chic!

claire said...

My heart just dropped.. I'm in love with her work xo