minerva divinus

minerva divinus

minerva divinus

minerva divinus

minerva divinus

minerva divinus

minerva divinus

minerva divinus

Sarkilahti's new collection, Minerva Divinus, is breathtaking.  My favorite yet.  In Sarkilahti's own words, the collection is "inspired by artifacts and ancient mythologies, divine proportion, and the geometry of anatomy."  I'm not sure yet when it will be available for purchase, but I already have two of the necklaces (the small rib in the last photo, and one other not pictured).  Don't hate me, but studio mates get first dibs.

P.S. Do you recognize the model?  It's me.


hibou said...

It really is a gorgeous collection! Her concept is so inspired. I love how the large pieces still have a subtle feel to them. Lovely modeling!

kelli ann said...

this collection is really, really beautiful. my favorite piece is the first, silver necklace. it is a statement piece and also very delicate / subtle at the same time - a very hard thing to achieve!

oh, the model is pretty okay too :)

Kristien said...

I am also blown away by the first piece. I love the theme of "geometry of anatomy." I am imagining the various bones and body systems that inspired these pieces and am seeing all kinds of possibilities in the shapes. Jennifer did a gorgeous job with this new collection. It is distinct from, but also complimentary to, her animals. Lucky you on the first dibs...one of these days I will drop enough hints that E.J. will give me an Odette piece for a special occasion! ;-)

Anna said...

They're all gorgeous! The first is my favorite.

Sharon said...

enchanting pieces...i had not seen this jewelry so thanks for showing it off...looks great on you!

kendra said...

How beautiful! Stunning, the photography, the jewelry and the model :)

I haven't bought a new piece of jewelry in a long while, but now I'm really tempted!

whitney reeder said...

ah! i love everything. (and you are such a great model!)

Sara said...

great jewelry

CassieMarie said...

Beautiful! Both you and the jewelry! :)
It must me so wonderful to share a studio. I've just moved away from a shared studio, and I am really missing the company!

raichel said...

beautiful collection!!!

Mortadella said...

I like how the pieces are bold yet the metal work is delicate.

I also like the clothes that you are wearing, though we only get hints of what they are.

So inspiring!

Lexie, Little Boat said...

so pretty! i love that the last necklace looks like a ribcage kind of .. great designs.

caroline said...

ooh, these are gorgeous! they look beautiful with the mociun prints you're wearing, too. ps: your last photos of mociun were really helpful -- i bought her waterline mountain print dress after seeing it here. it's stunning. so, thank you!

Shokoofeh said...

Oh wow so beautiful!

Jamie said...

this. is. stunning.
i am currently recovering (ish) from a broken back... and have been searching everywhere for a piece of jewelry shaped like a spine, or vertebrae.
i can't describe how much i would love one of hers!
looking forward to the update when these are for sale!