mociun fall 2011

mociun fall 2011

mociun fall 2011

mociun fall 2011

photos from Mociun blog

The Mociun fall collection is simply gorgeous.  The prints are insanely good as always, and the sheer black fabrics are so sexy.  Caitlin asked me to model for the presentation on Friday, and I'm so looking forward to wearing one of these lovely creations!  (I hope they do my hair up with some sort of awesome side braid type of deal like this model has.)  I'll be sure to take lots of pics of the clothes to post here next week.


Lisa said...

I really like the idea of designers using other designers as their models... or just in general models that look like someone you'd be friends with, rather than an aloof, impossible waif.

Jennifer said...

Bummed that I'm going to be missing this presentation by just a few days!
I can see myself wearing several of these pieces to death come fall- dangerous!
Lucky you that you get to model!

hibou said...

Please stop! I can't take it anymore! It's torture to see all these beautiful things.

Jennifer said...

You're getting to be quite the popular model, Jenny! And there's a good reason: be it jewelry, clothing, accessories... you wear it all really well!

Kristien said...

Gosh, Jenny, these clothes are a dream! I absolutely love the full length dress pictured in the bottom right. It's such a sophisticated piece, but with the model having bare feet, it makes me picture wearing it running around in a field after a summer garden party or wedding. ;-) The print is sensational. I also love the blue cape/coat pictured on Caitlin's Tumblr. And I am kind of digging the high waisted skinny jeans although I think they'd be a disaster on my frame. I can't wait to see the pictures from the presentation! What fun to model for your friend!

hila said...

oh dreamy. And I've always wanted to learn how to do those side braids.