valentine's day party

valentine's day party

valentine's day party

valentine's day party

valentine's day party

valentine's day party

valentine's day party

valentine's day party

More pics from our Friday party at the Dobbin Mews!  

Ingredients for a good V-Day party:
friends and husbands/boyfriends
doilies everywhere
candles everywhere
salty dogs (one part vodka, two parts grapefruit juice, salted rim)
sharing dirty jokes with people you've just met
Ball jars from the dollar store for cocktail glasses
candy, including Pop Rocks
stinky cheeses, crackers, nuts
lots of pink champagne
silly headwear
Nina Simone Pandora station
awesome co-host who's not afraid to be cheesy


casey said...

looks lovely! and the headbands are the best!

The Social Secretary said...

does it get better than dirty jokes with near strangers? love the headbands! happy belated vday!

Anonymous said...

Mmm salty dogs...and it's only 2 pm here! Love the headbands.

Ruth said...

Wow that looks like my perfect party!


Heather Lucille said...

Stylish and fun without being too gloppy-gooey and trite. I love the headbands and a good stinky cheese!

sarah said...

looks sooo lovely. my husband + i have been sipping on vodka + grapefruit juice while we cook dinner. i had no idea the drink had a name! will try it with salt next time. i splash mine with aromatic bitters.

Lexie, Little Boat said...

those salty dog cocktails sound delicious!

kelli ann said...

very sweet party & darling headbands!

why is it so much more fun to drink out of mason jars instead of regular glasses? i think i need to start doing this on a more regular basis.


you guys rock !!

micha said...

I'm sure, you had lots of fun!
:-) Micha

Gracie said...

Sounds like my kind of party! Esp the salty dogs!

elise bergman said...

Love your blog and continually impressed with your creativity and packaging. It even shows in the way you throw together a simple party. Looks so charming and fun!

a day with kate said...

gorgeous photos! and those headbands are amazing... love them.

Regina said...

The party looks like fun and the headbands are too cute.

Today's Gift said...

It looks like such a fun party! Love the headbands. Too cute!

beatrice said...

in love with that paper heart