looking for a new studiomate

reMade USA space

This is a picture I took of Shannon's side of the studio in September.  Sadly, Shannon's moving out of her space at the end of this month to join the Pratt Incubator.  I'm going to miss her so much!  Sarkilahti and I are looking for a new studiomate to fill her spot starting April 1.  It's a beautiful space and an inspiring community of artists.  We have so much fun!  Sarkilahti wrote a blog post about it here, and here's the official listing.


hibou said...

That courtyard is lovely! I hope you find the right person soon.

onyx feather said...

man, if i were based in nyc instead of dc i would certainly apply to be a part of this lovely creative space.

Diana said...

It looks heavenly. I'm sure you'll have tons of people jumping at the chance for this space! Good luck!

helen ethel studio said...

oh, if i lived closer, and not in philadelphia, i would absolutely consider joining a your communal, creative space. i would love to be a part of such a talented community of artists. i hope you find someone wonderful, and i am sure you will!