arrow scarf

wiksten arrow scarf

wiksten arrow scarf

wiksten arrow scarf

wiksten arrow scarf

wiksten arrow scarf + saffron dress

wiksten arrow scarf

wiksten arrow scarf

photography and set styling by Lena Corwin, modeling by Anne McClain, bracelet by Lauren Manoogian, No.6 clogs

Arrow print scarf in gray and white on silk crepe de chine, shown here with the Lissa top and Saffron dress.  My first print design for Wiksten.


Jennifer said...

Ahhh...Saffron dress! Jenny!!Another beauty.

So proud of you with the print. You go.

sarah said...

Jenny as always such lovely dresses. The truly hope I am lucky enough to be able to buy one when the time comes. (for future reference may I ask what size Anne is wearing in the photos?).

Good luck for your shop sale.

Kind regards


sunkentreasure said...

wauw! I love everything !!

angela said...

The saffron dress has my name written all over it! I ADORE IT!

Cassandra Marie said...

I love it when paired with that dress!!

Capricioustraveler said...

Love the color of your dress!

schorlem├Ądchen said...

hey jenny, I love everything of your new collection...soo good, I am blown away

sarah said...

I love the print you have done for the scarf. It would be fantastic if you decided to sell your own fabric range. The one thing I struggle with is finding stylish fabric for dressmaking in the UK.

Cara-Mia said...

So lovely!

Anonymous said...

I lived in Brooklyn briefly in 1987. It has changed a great deal for the better from your blog! Your blog inspires me to knit and sew again. I used to make a lot of my own clothes back in the 1980s and early 1990s when I had very little money. I never thought people would appreciate hand made items so much but I'm glad that they do. There is so much to be said for making things by hand.

Lissa said...

go you! this is so amazing! how did you go about printing?