lissa top

lissa top

lissa top

lissa top

lissa top

lissa top

lissa top

photography and set styling by Lena Corwin, modeling by Anne McClain, necklace by Odette New York, bracelet by Lauren Manoogian, No.6 clogs

Lissa top.  Loose, cropped, comfortable.  French seams.  Hand-dyed silk crepe de chine.  This top is a total labor of love.  Named after my lovely former intern.  Read this post for details about the dyeing process.


Cheryl said...

The top is stunning! I love the cut of it. Beautiful work.

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Lovely top! These are great shots! <3 X


Cassandra Marie said...

Now this is my kind of top! So breezy and comfy looking! Just beautiful!

jennifer said...

The fabric and cut are so nice. This top looks so luxurious!

kelly said...

jenny -- this top is absolutely beautiful. it's exactly what i've been looking for!

angela said...

Gorgeous! I love seeing all these pieces from you!

S said...

Wow, the cut and the fabric on this are so stunning! Quite possibly the most perfect summer top I've ever seen. Really hope I'll be lucky enough to get one!

Lissa said...

ack! i feel like a celebrity!
this is soooo gorgeous! jenny, you are amazing.
i'm so glad all this silk is coming around in the middle of my silk wardrobe explosion - you should see how often i have to go to the drycleaner to get yam fry stains out of my tops (ew)

Mei said...

so beautiful and effortless! I love all the pieces in your collection!

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

So beautiful. I love the sleeves and the scoop neck. And all your hand dyed fabrics.