mociun pop up shop part 2

mociun pop up shop

mociun pop up shop

mociun pop up shop

mociun pop up shop

mociun pop up shop

mociun pop up shop

MOCIUN Pop Up Shop
200 Livingston St, between Smith and Hoyt, Brooklyn, NY
May 5-31, Wed to Sun 12-7PM

Many of my favorite brands: Mociun, Shabd, Lauren Manoogian, Erin Considine, Alyson Fox, Saipua, BAGGU, Bodkin, Shino Tekada, Clam Lab, Lines & Shapes.  This store is freaking awesome!  I helped a little bit with setting up, so I got to enjoy seeing it come together.  It's literally my favorite store.  What other shop sells the complete Mociun clothing + jewelry collections?  Exactly.  I wish it could last forever, instead of just during the month of May.


Alyson Redding said...

I will be visiting my sister at the end of may & arriving just in time to catch this on the last day. I am really looking forward to it!

Neus said...

ohh it's only for a month? I wish to visit your amazing city, an Mociun shop too! Simply perfect!

S said...

Would you say your shop is a good place to go for someone who has just lost mightily at tennis?

Anonymous said...

My best friend's name is Erin Considine. So weird.

stephanie renee said...

looks beautiful, wishing it was open all summer so i could stop by!

sew nancy said...

It really truly is amazing. Glad to revisit it through your pictures. It was so hard for me to take them with my kids but it was really lovely and Caitlin is so nice.

Alice said...

beautiful! Wish I could check it out.