photoshoot hair

photoshoot hair

photoshoot hair

I used Jeana's braid inspiration when I did Anne's hair for the Wiksten photoshoot.  It was surprisingly easy to do, although I'm not sure how well I could do it on myself.  I love french braiding people's hair.  It reminds me of when I was a kid and would braid my sister's hair before school.


Neus said...

ohhh so nice, I love her hair!!

Heather said...

It's stunning, and I totally know what you mean about braiding someone else's hair - so nostalgic.

victoria / cats dreaming in keylime said...

I actually stalk people at work and ask them to french braid my hair. They hide from me. (Love the tops so much.)

jeana sohn said...

omg! you did such a great job! i should try that one.
love your new collection and lena's photos. congrats!!