renegade craft fair

Bead Combinations

top photo from Juliet Gorman, bottom left photo from Wren Handmade, bottom right photo from Clam Lab

Decked out in my rain gear and sporting some seriously frizzy hair, I walked the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair last weekend.  It was at McCarren Park, which is conveniently located right between my home and my studio.  What a great time, folks.  I got to meet some talented designers and bumped into some friends along the way.  I finally got to buy this necklace from Juliet Gorman that I've had my eye on.  I also got some cards, crocheted barrettes, and paper garlands from Wren Handmade by Laura Normandin.  I can't wait to decorate my new studio in Iowa with paper garlands!  Meeting Laura was exciting for me--I had admired her work for a long time but had never seen it in person.  She was so cool.  And last but not least, I stocked up on some Clam Lab pottery by Clair Catillaz for my new home.


Giselle said...

iowa? new home? tell us loyal readers more, please!

jenna said...


nicole said...

I see I'm not the only one who is intrigued by this mention of Iowa...

Love your craft fair finds!

Kristien said...

I love, love, love Laura Normadin's dolls. I also first discovered her at Renegade Craft a few years ago. I was so disappointed to miss the fair this year. I had every intention of going and then the weather combined with a nursing midterm earlier this week conspired to keep me at home inside.

Iowa...how exciting!! Will you be anywhere near where Anna Allen lives? I have in mind Wiksten/Anna Allen future collaborations--chambray perfection!

Best of luck wrapping up everything in NYC.

k. wang said...


so (sort of) funny anecdote: i have no experience with iowa. i know nothing about iowa. never even been to iowa. not even sure where iowa is on a good u.s. of a. map. BUT, the one thing i always think of when i hear 'iowa' is a scene in 'saved by the bell' when zack tries to get slater to tell his dad about his wrestling scholarship in iowa by interjecting "iowa?" during their conversation, in which slater's dad replies "iowa?" and slater goes "oh...iowa...zack ten dollars!" for some reason, that always stuck.

anyway, keep us updated! and let us know how that wrestling scholarship goes.

Anonymous said...

Iowa is lovely - I transplanted there years ago - Iowa City - from the Bay Area. I loved it and you will find your niche there too. We are now in PA, but all of my husband's relatives and immediately family still live there. It sounds like you're not so happy - but I guarantee it will surprise you. Seriously.