surpise craft

surprise craft

 photo by Caitlin
Lena is the sweetest friend.  She hosted a going away lunch for me a few days ago in her beautiful backyard.  After we ate some delicious homemade food, she pulled out a surprise craft project for us!  Potholder weaving.  Yep, that's definitely the way to my heart.  What's more awesome than that?  Almost nothing.  I'm going to miss these girls so much!


Trissta said...

Awesome! I love doing things like that with good friends! I remember being little and doing crafts like that... best times ever!! So sad to leave friends like that, but you'll make new ones, too. Good luck!

Much Love,

EmilyKate said...

Those are the most beautiful potholders I've ever seen... nothing like what I remember making myself at day camp! Great colours.

ilana kohn said...

i used to LOVE making those as a kid!!!!

Lena said...

aww we miss you jenny!! i'm especially going to miss our crafty projects.