hanging pots

hanging pots
mquan bells
hanging pots
hanging pots
hanging pots
hanging pots

Just one more inspiration post to conclude what turned out to be Ceramics Week on the Wiksten blog.  I went into the studio everyday this week in a marathon attempt at improvement, so I have pottery on my mind.  One night I even tossed and turned all night, dreaming about throwing pots.  Yesterday I had some truly spectacular failures, and in true Jenny Gordy fashion, after obsession comes burnout.  I will be taking the weekend off.  Going apple picking with the husband tomorrow.

top and second row: MQuan bells
third row: hanging planter by Stephanie Renee
fourth row: hanging birdhouse and planter by Stan Bitters
fifth row: hanging bird nests by Shino Takeda
sixth row: more hanging birdhouses by Stan Bitters


victoria / cats dreaming in keylime said...

I get this way, too, then crash and burn. xx

m i l e n a said...

beautiful - I love the combination of ropes and ceramics. thanks for posting these!

k said...

i love LOVE those bells in the second shot - so cool. can't wait to see how your potting is progressing, but until then hope you have a great time apple picking!

in dreams said...

aww, but after burnout comes mastery, right? (...right??) haha. have fun apple-picking! sounds so, so delicious.

kel said...

lovely ceramics!

I've just sent you an email, hopefully you can help! :)


Morlee said...

The bells!!!! So lovely!