Lissa's Shop

lissa's shop
lissa's shop

photos by Lissa Paul

Do you remember my lovely red-haired intern Lissa from last winter?  She made some beautiful knits for our Dobbin Mews Holiday Shop.  Well, now she's in Montreal and has a blog and an Etsy shop!  She's quite a prolific maker, so I won't be surprised if she updates her shop quite often.  I'm so excited to be able to see more of her around these parts, because truth be told, I just love that Lissa.


Caroline said...

So cozy!
Yay, one more knitter in Montreal. I'll follow a fellow Montrealer for sure!

Lissa said...

you're too kind!

A montreal knitter! You'll have to fill me in on good knit nights in town! I just got home from Espace Tricot, I love their yarn

Caroline said...

effiloché hae friday night knits, but I'm just way too self conscious to go, haha. Maybe sometimes! Join the ravelry group to keep you posted. :)

amelia said...

Another Montrealler and knitter here. Welcome to town, Lissa! I love Effiloch√© on Beaubien—the folks who work there are the nicest.

jennifer said...

I love that goldenrod one...congrats on opening your shop lissa!

jeana sohn said...

so lovely and cozy!!

Conny's Cottage said...

Sooo lovely.great!!!!!

Greatings send you Conny
from the Nederlands