lunch at caitlin's

lunch at caitlin's
lunch at caitlin's
lunch at caitlin's
lunch at caitlin's
lunch at caitlin's
lunch at caitlin's
lunch at caitlin's
lunch at caitlin's

I went over to Caitlin's for a lovely meal while I was in New York, and we discussed our upcoming project together (which I'll tell you about later).  I tried on beautiful Mociun clothing and jewelry and ended up with this wrap dress (although I'd love to buy it in another print as well since I've been wearing it a lot), this tee, and both of these leggings.  Shino Takeda dropped by, and it was very cool to meet her since I own many of her ceramic pieces and treasure them dearly.  On my way out I noticed my two favorite Ermie scarves hanging on the coat rack by the door.


Jaime Rugh said...

Got that dress too:) I love it. Looks like a fun lunch - such pretty rings.

erica said...

love the dress, the fabric gets softer and softer, and it's perfect for layering.

briannelee said...

Gorgeous rings!

Anonymous said...

Love both of the wrap dresses you linked to - so comfy and cute!

Looking forward to reading and seeing more about your trip.


Jennifer said...

Wow- love that multi-colored stone ring. So pretty.

Have the Wrap skirt in the Triangle/Dot print & love it. Just got the Argon Print wrap dress this weekend & wore it out for the forst time- received so many compliments on it!

Can't wait to hear more about what you two are working on. More Wiksten + Mociun pieces would be an awesome thing.

Thanks for your sweet post (and this post too!!) on the Lissa Dress the other day.

anna of (green gable) said...

wonderful photos! Love the rings, too!

Anna of (green gable)

Anonymous said...

can you give us details on the food eaten for lunch? it looks so, so good.

love all these pictures.

Marginamia said...

So... I can't wait to see what's coming! And I'd never seen Shino's pottery before! oh my gosh, really can't wait to look at every single thing. Such a pretty home and meal, and the wearables are amazing. Thanks for sharing, Jenny!

DEY said...

what was for lunch? it looks soooo delicious!


jennifer said...

i love caitlin's home, so pretty.

katrina said...

what isssss that delicious looking lunch exactly?!

always close at hand said...

Beautiful rings!

Matariki said...

That cat has the craziest eyes!