alyson fox

alyson fox

 I've been a big fan of Alyson Fox for years, ever since I first saw her drawings and photos of her gorgeous home in magazines.  She's the photographer behind some of my favorite Mociun look books and the author of this breathtaking new book.  So I'm sure you can imagine the excitement I felt when she started making jewelry as well.  Alyson is a multi-talented gal for sure, and I'm pleased to be selling her work in the Wiksten shop here.

I caught up with Alyson this week, and she told me a little bit about how she got her start in jewelry:

"I started making jewelry about 3 years ago. I usually  make 2 collections a year but I don't put any sort of limit or expectations on it. I started making jewelry because it seemed very sculptural to me and something that I could work on process wise in a similar way as I do my artwork. I wanted to see what came of it and if I could make something that I wanted to wear and possibly sell. 

I'm inspired by a lot of things. Currently it's vintage beads, ceramics and my friend Rachel. I"m personally always drawn to the work by Rachel Whiteread and Louise Bourgeouis as ongoing inspiration.  

My favorite part of the process is playing with color and balance. I like to put everything out on the table that I am inspired by, and I start to play and build. Then I take apart and build again until I have something that works. I like working with materials or a process that limits my designs to a certain number. The most I ever make of any necklace is 45. 

My favorite piece of jewelry that I own is a cuff that I found at a thrif store that looks like a shark tooth. I wear it all the time. My favorite piece that I have made is from my first collection that was mostly wood based. It's leather and wood dipped in latex.  I only made 10 and kept one of them."


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love these interviews jenny!

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Her stuff is so pretty--so, so nice to hear from her on her inspirations and process!