dealtry scarves + dobbin mews holiday party


Have you seen the new silk scarves by Helen Dealtry?  They're amazing!  I love the prints and colors.  I have the "Jenny" style in grey (first one pictured), and I love it so.  See the rest of the lookbook photos here.  You can buy the scarves at discount at the Dobbin Mews holiday party tomorrow and Saturday (or buy them in Helen's online shop after the sale).  I'll be jealous if you get to go because I wish I could be there!  These people really know how to throw a lovely soiree.  Some of my favorite designers will be selling discounted goods there, such as my old Dobbin buddies MCMC Fragrances, Fay Andrada, Nicolette Camille, and Odette New York.


jennifer said...

We will miss you this year Jenny!

Queen of Carrot Flowers said...

wonderful prints, like wearable works of art

Woking Girl said...

Thanks so much Jenny! The holiday sale was rather magical, with ladies in floral headbands (and scarves), walking the mews by candlelight.
We missed you here!

nicole said...

These are STUNNING. The one you have is my favourite one!