grey marled loop scarf

grey marled scarf
grey marled scarf
grey marled scarf
grey marled loop scarf

grey marled scarf
grey marled scarf
grey marled scarf

Merino + silk blend. Made from Fair Trade hand-dyed yarn.  The yarn is soft and non-itchy in a chunky-weight designed for optimal warmth.  In gorgeous pale grey and white marl, the perfect neutral to go with everything.  Made in a loop shape so the ends don't have to be tied.  Can be wrapped around twice for the perfect fit or left hanging loose.  In the shop now.  Free domestic shipping, order by Monday for delivery by Christmas.


the blue rabbit house said...

The two types of yarn go so well together. It gives a perfect grey colour!

laura said...

ugh! i wanted this so bad but i was too late :( :( :(

Kirstin Bowdler said...

absolutely gorgeous!

Sofía Haltrup said...

Sold out? :(
It's lovely!

jennifer said...

so pretty jenny!

amy said...

The yarn is beautiful. The shape is lovely. Everything is perfect.

Too late for my Christmas - but I wish I had seen this earlier :))

p.s I'm a bit selfish - I'd want the scarf for myself :0

sending you happy spells


Ashima said...

Jenny, I love the card that came with my purchase of baggu bags. I bought them as gifts for others but I felt like I was the receiver when i got the package in the mail. What a sweet thing you do.

jenny gordy said...

Thank you so much, Ashima! That makes my whole day. What a lovely thing to write. : )

Monica said...

Jenny, love everything that you make. You are unbelievable talented!! Your blog is lovely + inspiring + everything else! Happy Holidays.

Lil' Beaumont said...

This is beautiful. Love the soft grey. I noticed in your shop that you sell sewing patterns of your designs. Do you ever sell your knitting patterns?

Lucy said...

Hi Jenny,
I'm drooling over your blog. Your pictures are amazing and I love your crafts. This scarfs looks fantastic.