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I love winter, I really do. Sometimes it gets to me though, and I get a bit of the winter blues. This year my issue No. 5 of 3191 Quarterly was a comfort. Stephanie and MAV are the best at finding the good things about each season and presenting them in a beautiful, thoughtful way.  When the days are cold and grey, it helps to leaf through my issue and remember that wool socks and hod toddies make it all worth it.  (I swear I cured Joe's cold with Stephanie's hot toddy recipe!)  

As you can imagine I've been eagerly awaiting issue 6, which has just been released today.  Can't wait to get it in the mail so I can make MAV's Chocolate Stout Cake and Stephanie's hanging planters.


Julia said...

so true. i'm really looking forward to making those hanging planters too

ashley said...

i know, i am feeling the winter blues too! crazy how the weather has such an effect...