giveaway winner


The winner of the book giveaway is AMY!  Amy lives in Kansas City, just like I used to!  And she makes beautiful ceramics.  I think you'll be pleased to find some great tips on photographing ceramics in the book, Amy (like in the profile of one of my favorites, Clair Catillaz from Clam Lab, pictured above).  Hope you'll love the book as much as I do.

P.S. I wish everyone could have won.  I LOVED reading all your comments!  It's so nice to hear from blog readers about what kind of crafting they do.  I rarely get to hear from so many people, and it made me happy to get to know my readers a little better.


Anna Kristine said...

I can't wait to buy a copy! :)

Jane said...

congrats amy! i just ordered mine. can't wait!! :D

amy h said...

Hey, hey! I'm so glad I won. It will go to good use! Thank you! (Jenny, I e-mailed you my mailing address a little while ago.)