soap, towels, and dresses

green tea soap
lavender soap

I'm working on about ten different projects right now, so I'm a bit behind on updating my shop.  Today I've added the new Saipua soaps here.  Hope you like them--I sure do!  The lavender is really calming, which is such a treat for me right now because of my stressful schedule.  

The shop is also stocked with the new dishcloths and tea towels.  Joe and I have been working over the past eight months since we moved to really make our house into a home, and it's special handmade touches like this that I love.  I hope to share more of the things we've made for our home soon.

Last but not least, I have *just* enough fabric left for one Anna Dress and one Helen Dress.  They'll be available tomorrow morning, made to order.  Once they're sold out I won't be able to make any more.  I've really loved making these dresses, but it's time to move on.


* said...

I love the packaging so much! it's like... i'd never dare to open and use them!!


jenny gordy said...

Oh, trust me you would when you smell them! Then you can use the paper for something else.

Marginamia said...

such beautiful kitchen pieces, Jenny! Doing a happy dance now ; )

rachael said...

these are great! i love the rabbit stamp.. lavender oatmeal sounds great!

joyce said...

I agree - that packaging is adorable!