new ermie

ERMIE Ave. 51 Scarf
ERMIE Fine Linen Indigo Tank, Raku Linen Skirt

photos by Kate Miss

JPD's new Ermie collection just came out!  Yesterday I think--I admit I'm always a bit late with these things.  So hard to find blogging time these days, and sometimes I feel like I'm a bit out of the loop.  Kate's photos are beautiful, and the collection is amazing.  I scored the indigo tank top pictured above, but this is on the wishlist.


k. wang said...

i too loved the indigo tank, but i only budgeted enough for one thing; my favorite was that light of california dress, so that's the one i went with. lucky duck though, post photos on instagram, pretty please? i had a tough time letting that one go.

erica said...

i'm completely behind with all things internet these days, but i do love instagram (but it moves too quickly for my non-twittering head)!

the indigo tank is lovely, and i think kate's photographs work so well with the collection.

Anna said...

This shade of blue is my very favorite color; so beautiful! Makes me want even more now to find the time to try hand-dyeing.

Kate said...

Thanks, Jenny! Everything is even more beautiful in person, it was so tough picking something out!! xo

bethy ::--++ said...

Did you know Indigo is a natural insect repellent? I don't know how I've gone so long without knowing that! (*≧▽≦)