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jul hat pattern in wiksten shop
ribbstickad hat

Introducing two new hat patterns I designed, now for sale in the Wiksten shop: top--the Jul Hat and bottom--the Ribbstickad Hat.  It's still so cold and snowy here in Iowa at the moment.  Winter's not over by a long shot, so I continue to knit a lot of hats.  I have to wear them so often that it's nice to have a variety.

The Jul Hat requires DK weight yarn, with a gauge of 5.5 stitches per inch.  There are so many good yarns you can use to make this hat.  I've knit it in three different yarns so far.  The red one I made for Christmas was knit with Blue Sky Alpacas Melange in Chili Pepper (the perfect red), and the grey one for Valentine's Day was made with Sublime Organic Merino DK (the best yarn, but sadly discontinued).  This new rust colored hat was made with Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino, and it's so nice and cuddly.  This is my favorite hat out of all that I've designed so far.

The Ribbstickad Hat is knit in chunky weight yarn (3.5 stitches per inch gauge), so it's a very quick project.  I've made this a bunch of times and am in the middle of making one for myself and one for my husband.  It's knit in Tundra, a yarn that comes in gorgeous colors, by the wonderful Fibre Company.

I'll be happy when it's warm again but so sad to say goodbye to hat knitting season.


Carolanne said...

Dear Jenny,

I was going to leave a comment asking whether you intended to publish Jul, but I didn't want to be presumptuous or demanding. I promised myself that I would devote my crafting hours to quilting, as much as I wanted to figure Jul out. My friend gave me 3 skeins of Sublime Organic Merino in DK. I am casting on tonight!

Nina said...

I'm mid-hat and we've just had a few days of beautiful mild weather here in London so I'm feeling a bit like I've missed the boat - but it's bound to turn cold again before long. Yes, why oh why did Sublime discontinue the Organic Merino DK? I have quite a bit stashed away but it's such a shame they stopped producing it. I like your Jul hat especially, it looks so good in all 3 yarns!

jennifer said...

love the red one and the pompom!! you are one skilled lady:) xo

natanoja said...

You're so talented and pretty!
I really like your works :)

michele said...

Jenny, I own all your hat patterns but I've found the Ribbstickad pretty difficult to master. I can't seem to keep the rib nice and tight light yours. Instead I get gaping where it switches from pearl to knit and vice versa. I've watched countless tutorials on keeping even tension. Someone suggested I try this pattern with eastern purl style stitches or in the continental style. Any advice on this? Which style do you use?