floral painting for textiles class


My friend Helen is teaching a painting class at the Dobbin Mews in Brooklyn on August 4, and there are a few spots left.  You can sign up here.  The class will be held in Nicolette Owen's flower studio, surrounding the students in gorgeous inspiration.  

I'm sure you remember me blogging about Helen and her beautiful textile designs before.  I'm totally in awe of what she can do, and I wish I could take the class myself.  There's nothing prettier than a floral print, and I'd love to learn how to create one.  Plus Helen is super fun and always puts everyone at ease, so of course it will be a great time.


Rae said...

I would love to attend this! Unfortunately I can't make it out to Brooklyn in time :)

I do adore her work.

Woking Girl said...

Eeeep, Jenny, I wish you were there for it too! Thanks girl... Cant wait to see you soon!

Unknown said...

Sounds amazing! But living in Mexico makes it a little complicated to attend... But if it is made into a webinar I would definitely take it. Great to see you back posting Jenny!!!

Liz Rose Bowman said...

Oh, wow, I wish I was in Brooklyn and not Minnesota! I've been working with cyanotype textiles lately, floral prints are sooo rad.