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Made By Hand Made By Hand Made By Hand Made By Hand

Lena Corwin's new book Made By Hand came out this week!  I created two new patterns just for the book--a dress/top sewing pattern and a sock knitting pattern.  After spending months on these projects, I'm ecstatic to see how beautifully the book turned out.  It's full of amazing projects by many different designers who taught classes at Lena's studio over the years.  Each project has detailed instructions and step-by-step photos of techniques demonstrated by the teachers themselves, so doing the projects is almost as good as taking the classes in person.  See more on the book's website, and check out behind-the-scenes videos here.

If you're in New York, there's a book launch party at the Mociun store next week.


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful! Goes on the christmas wish list immediately, can't wait to see all the different projects!

Brought Up By Wolves said...

I already have my copy! Can't wait to wear my new socks:)

Lissa said...

It is such an ispiring book - your patterns look wonderful! I can't even decide where to start (although the marbling is currently holding my attention). Congratulations!

Blogless Anna said...

Hi Jenny. Just wondering if the top/dress has a full scale pattern sheet included in the book. Cheers Anna

jenny gordy said...

Hi Anna,

No, you draft your own pattern according to your measurements. It's very easy though, basically a rectangle.