mittens pattern

cozy purl ridge mittens

There's a new Wiksten pattern in the shop!   Cozy Purl Ridge Mittens.  You can find it on Ravelry here too.  These would make great holiday gifts, since they're so quick to knit up in the Aran weight yarn.  Isn't there something lovely about the idea of warming the hands of your loved ones?

I love how these mittens fit, especially the "afterthought" thumb.  I really prefer this thumb constructions to a gusset thumb because I just think it's more comfortable to wear.  The purl ridges give these mittens a lovely cushy texture, but the simple pattern looks good in Stockinette stitch too (even better with stripes).  Or you could always add custom touches of your own, such as cables, bobbles, or Fair Isle.  Whether you're looking for a good basic mitten pattern to learn mittens for the first time or whether you're an advanced knitter wanting to add some design elements, this is a good place to start.

I've taught a couple of classes using this pattern over the last two months so I could test it out on some beginners and see what they had trouble with.  I ended up adding some photos to the instructions as well to illustrate some of the trickier steps, such as getting the mittens started on DPN's and setting up the thumb.

Also, there's one pair of handmade mittens left in the shop!  I'll be adding a few more goodies next week...


Claire said...

Oh, wonderful! I have been waiting for this pattern. I must admit I'm not a big mitten fan — I can't deal with not having full use of all my fingers. But ever since seeing these mittens in one of your Instagram photos awhile back, I have thought of changing my ways (and/or knitting them to give away). Your patterns are easy to read, and I have so enjoyed knitting your Jul Hat and your Snöflinga Hat (despite some major breakage problems with the BT LOFT that made me put aside the project until I find a more suitable yarn, sadly). I am really looking forward to seeing the photos within the instructions. Thank you for sharing this with us!

I do have one question. Did you buy the Rauma Puno Melange here in the U.S.? It looks like an awfully nice yarn!

jenny gordy said...

Hi Claire,

I used to feel that way about mittens too! Until I moved to Iowa and got really cold in the winter. : ) Once I finally tried mittens, I ended up liking them.

I really like BT LOFT, but last night I was knitting with some, and it broke right when I was cinching the top of the mitten closed. Ugh! Frustrating.

I did buy the Rauma Puno Melange here in the U.S., and I'll put a link up on my blog to where you can purchase it. It's hard to find, but I really like it. It makes great cozy, cold weather knits!

theslow catwalk said...

This pattern is beautiful! And the colour too! So nice:)
Always special and beautiful things here:)
Have a nice day*

moriah said...

Lovely. Your knitted goods are so beautiful and I find this to be the most wonderful time of the year to cuddle up with my needles, yarn, and a great pattern! I would love to see a sock pattern, too!